Lock-ON エンドレス調教喫茶

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ID: v12048
発売日: 2013-03-29
原作: https://vndb.org/v12048
The protagonist, Shinichi, takes a part-time job at a maid cafe during his summer vacation. Shortly afterword, his classmate Hozumi also starts working there as a waitress.

Hozumi proves to be a boyish, masculine type of girl, who is not well suited to her maid cosplay, and displays little interest in working. She also is selfish and does not listen, and Shinichi becomes increasingly irritated with her.

One day, Hozumi accidentally breaks many expensive dishes. Shinichi can't help but threaten her, and says, "Listen to my instructions, and I'll keep quiet about you breaking the dishes!''

Hozumi, who was completely distraught, vowed to follow Shinichi's orders.

At first, Shinichi decides to just prank Hozumi a bit, but soon begins to feel a sense of superiority as he makes her submit to him. The orders gradually heat up - and a training show takes place in the maid cafe.

[Translated from DLSite]


パスワード: ryuugames.com


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