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ID: v18426
発売日: 2015-10-16
原作: https://vndb.org/v18426
Keiichi helps out fellow classmate Ayako and she rewards him with sex! It's no big deal, she's fucked plenty of guys! When she pulls down his pants she discovers Keiichi's secret, his dick is huge! She invites her friends to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh with Keiichi's huge rod. Innocent looking, shy acting slut Ririna who pretends to be pure even though she's not. Outgoing and well experienced Ena who loves to fool around and actually innocent tsundere classmate Yukine who just needs a little push to join her friends. These sluts love sleeping around but they've never experienced a guy like Keiichi before and they love it!
パスワード: ryuugames.com


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