HENTAI 巨乳ナース ~草食男子、治療計画!?~

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ID: v25175
発売日: 2019-03-15
原作: https://vndb.org/v25175
It's the middle of the 21st century.
Japan's population hasn't stopped declining.

Because of that, the government has decided to usher in a new nationwide project, and they've recruited applicants to counter the falling fertility rates...

People can't conceive children as they age, so young men are the government's targets, and they've been confined to a welfare facility to be given "medical treatment." The fate of the nation depends on this last-resort policy.

...But as a citizen, I didn't care about that sort of thing.

I bet my attitude was "let's actively reduce our population," until now that is.

I didn't care.
I don't think I really cared about other people.
This terrible country's wretched project...

"This hospital is... Oh, that's right, why don't we call it the Heartful Love-Love Clinic! I'm Nanako, your exclusive nurse. Fufufufu..."

[Translated from the official website]


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