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ID: v37172
発売日: 2023-02-24
CRIME has reigned supreme in SCUM CITY since the day the SUPERVILLAINS showed up—
However, at the heart of this evil nest lies a sanctuary known as JUSTOPIAN WARD.

As a deterrent to the evildoers, the SUPERHEROES constructed this self-sufficient stronghold, which thrives despite the surrounding CHAOS.
JUSTOPIA, the ultimate hero and bane of countless villains, is its FOUNDER, MAYOR, and CHAMPION.
Justopia also founded the HERO SOCIETY and serves as its chairman, giving orders to the other heroes as they fight crime and bring peace to the city and the world.

Yet, the crafty VILLAINS are growing stronger, and the HEROES are struggling to keep up... some of them have even betrayed the cause by swearing allegiance to the dark side in the most heinous way!

If not the ASYLUM, to whom should Justopia seek assistance? This facility reforms criminals, and who could be more qualified to lead it than YOU?

Capturing and reforming S-level villains must be done rapidly and efficiently.
It's in your hands to rehabilitate these scumbags and put their power to use for JUSTICE again!

[Based on Shiravune]




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